India House engages the American Indian diaspora on important issues through objective, thoughtful, and accurate information: what’s going on in India; what’s going on with the Indian diaspora; and what you can do to make things better.


We provide diaspora members with reliable information and analysis on a range of issues affecting India, including economics, politics, social justice, and development.


We raise awareness within the Indian diaspora about the complexities in India's socioeconomic and political landscape, dispelling myths and promoting a nuanced understanding.


We encourage diaspora members to engage in constructive dialogues and advocacy efforts, both within their own communities and with key stakeholders in India, to address pressing issues and promote positive change.


We facilitate connections and collaboration among members of the Indian diaspora, forging a network of individuals committed to working together for the betterment of India.


We work with like-minded organizations, experts, and institutions to enhance our collective impact and promote transparency, accountability, and social progress in India.


We conduct rigorous research and analysis on critical issues facing India, providing evidence-based insights that inform our diaspora members and policymakers, and contribute to informed decision-making and meaningful action.

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